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France Airports

France is an important European hub and there are many international airports operating throughout the country. The total size of France is 674,843 square kms and the main internatonal airports in France are in Paris. However, many of the smaller airports are also extremely busy and accept flights from many different international and domestic locations.

For flights from the UK Airports to western European destinations the majority will have to fly over French airspace at some stage during their flight.

There are around 129 French airports although many of them are not widely used for international flights. For a full list of French airports with their appropriate airport codes just use the link.

The Airport Information Guide has been designed to bring you lots of useful information about French airports so that you can easily plan your journey to and from France by Air.

Whether you are flying to the centre of France, the capital of France or the South of France there are suitable French Airports to choose from.

There are actually two main airports in the capital Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle. If you want the south of France then your best option would be Nice airport.

Main French Airlines

The main airline operating in France for international flights is Air France. It has its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France, north of Paris and flies to all continents.

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Map of Airports in France


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