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Heathrow Arrivals

This page brings you information on flight arrivals to London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

Heathrow Airport Passenger Arrivals

Passengers arriving at Heathrow will arrive on the ground floor for all terminals except for internal UK flights and those from Ireland.

The Heathrow arrivals terminals are classified as follows;

Terminal 1 Arrivals – International arrivals on the ground floor and domestic / Ireland arrivals on the first floor

Terminal 3 Arrivals – Ground Floor

Terminal 4 Arrivals – Ground Floor

Terminal 5 Arrivals – Ground Floor

All passngers arriving at Heathrow Airport must head to the passport control and arrivals area where you will find the baggage reclaim and customs areas, unless you are connecting with another flight, in which case just follow the appropriate signs.

Passport Control Heathrow Airport

There are two main queues when you enter the passport control area. One of them is for EU citizens and the second for all other nationalities. Please make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and visas to enter the country or you might be turned back. Another requirement about visiting the UK from overseas is that your passport must not expire while on your trip. If you need further information or advice about the documentation required and how long you can stay in the UK please see the Border Agency Website by clicking here

Important: Heathrow Airport now operates a speedy passport control for holders of the newer E-passports which contain a chip. Providing you are over 18 years of age you simply scan your passport and the system will run face recognition software to confirm you are the passport holder. Once confirmed that barrier will lift in a matter of seconds. (This is only available for participating countries within the EU)

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