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Airport Statistics

A report is released in July of each year and the report issued in July 2008 showed that world airport traffic increased some 6.9% on the previous year taking it to a massive 4.8 billion passengers.

What is the world’s busiest airport?

Answer: Atlanta is the busiest airport in the World serving 89 million passengers a year.

The next busiest airports, when considering international and domestic routes were Chicago O’Hare (76 million), London Heathrow (68 million), Tokyo Haneda (67 million) and Los Angeles (62 million).

The statistic alter slightly if you disregard domestic routes and only take into account international flights with the busiest now being London Heathrow (62 million), Paris Charles de Gaulle (55 million), Amsterdam (48 million), Frankfurt (47 million) and Hong Kong (46 million). In addition we have information on many other world airports such as O’Hare Airport in Chicago etc.

Report and statistics taken from the ACI (Airports Council International)

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