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Murcia Airport Parking

When commercial flights began using Murcia-San Javier Airport to bring tourists to this part of Spain there was no cost for parking at it was free. However, in recent years this has changed and as with all other airports that are operated by AENA you will be charged for parking.

Parking is located right opposite the airports main terminal building and within it there are a 1,000 spaces available in which not only cars, but also buses and coaches can park.

However, if you are intending to leave your vehicle at the airport than for more than a few hours or a day it is worth considering using one of the other long term car parking facilities available close to Murcia San Javier airport. Situated just outside the airport a short drive from Corvera you will find one such parking facility. Although this car park has only space for 500 cars yet is able to cope with both long and short term requirements.

Although outside the confines of the airport you will find that just as with the one within it the compound is completely secure. The company running this facility use only the latest state of the art technology to provide 24 hour monitoring of the vehicles within it. So you can be assured that your vehicle will remain safe and secure whilst there.

Current Murcia San Javier airport parking tariffs:

Zero to 30 minutes is charged at a per minute rate of 0.014145 (so for 30 minutes it is just over 43 cents).
From 31 minutes up to 60 minutes the rate is 0.017682 per minute (so for 1 hour the cost will be 43 cents plus 53 cents: Total of 96 cents)

Everything above 60 minutes is charged at 0.013261 per minute with a maximum daily rate of 8.90 (for the first 4 days). Anything over 4 days is 7.10 per day.

Prices are subject to change and are meant to be a guide only

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