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Mallorca Airport

The official name and correct spelling is ‘Palma de Mallorca Airport’ although in many British travel brochures it is spelt Majorca airport.

The airport is located just 8kms from the city of Palma which is itself a popular tourist destination.

Nearly all airport trafic is international although there are a number of flights from mainland Spain everyday with Barcelona and Mardid airports sending over 1 million passengers each year.

Through our airport guide we aim to bring you lots of information about Palma de Mallorca as well as many useful features and resources including live flight arrivals and departures through to parking information and low cost car hire.

History of the Airport

Palma de Mallorca airport was really started as a postal airport operating airmail between Barcelona and Mallorca back in 1921 and then in 1935 a new company took over the airport and it started to operate tourist flights. The airport continued to grow over the years and was expanded with a new terminal building back in the 1980’s to its current state.


There are now over 30 airlines flying in and out of Palma del Mallorca airport with a number of the economy airlines offering a range of low cost flights throughout the year. The flights peak in the summer months although there are still a number in service throughout the quieter winter months.

Contact information

If you need to get in touch with the airport for any reason then you can use the following numbers;

From international destinations (+34) 91 321 10 00
From Spain 902 404 704

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