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Malaga Disabled Facilities

Airport: Malaga Airport
Information:People With Reduced Mobility (PRM) – Disabled Facilities

In order to conform to the EU regulations which states that all airports must provide additional services and access / exit points for disabled visitors, Malaga has complied to the fullest and offers a number of help to people with reduced mobility.

There are now a number of elevators and ramps, some of which are mechanical, so that it is much easier for disabled visitors or people with reduced mobility, to access the different levels.

There is now a state of the art lowering and raising area for vehicles with people of reduced mobility located by the entrance next to the main terminal building. Follow the signs to guide you to this area and you will also note that the pavements have been lowered to conform to EU regulations.

Within the terminals itself you will also find a number of seats reserved solely for the disabled and in addition to this there is now a fast access area through security for people with reduced mobility, negating the requirement to pass through the normal security filters with able bodied passengers.

Once through the security checks you will find some more seating reserved for these passengers where they can sit comfortably until boarding is called. There is also more allocation of reserved seating for disabled persons at the boarding gates areas.

To board the aircraft there are some additional changes such as an adaption of the air-bridges to help transfer disabled passengers as well as wheelchairs and ‘ambulifts’ available.

If you will be needing any of the assistance stated above, you will need to visit the official Malaga Airport website and find the section for reduced mobility and book at least 48 hours before you are traveling.

For more information about disabled facilities at Malaga Airport you can call 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00 24 hours a day.

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