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Malaga Airport Map

Since the new terminal was built at Malaga Costa del Sol Airport the exit and approach routes by road have changed. If you have not visited the airport for a while then you might find it confusing at first as you come in via different roads completely.

During the summer months the roads around Malaga Airport can get fairly congested, even with the new relief roads in place. Make sure you allow extra time for your road journey during peak times of the year.

Map of Malaga Airport

We have inserted the map below so that you can see the best route to and from Malaga Airport by road. It is an interactive map so you can zoom in and out and importantly, it has a ‘get directions’ link so that you can use your smartphone and get verbal directions via Google Maps.

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Getting to Malaga Airport by Road

Getting to Malaga Airport by road is fairly easy from both the east and the west. If you are to the east of Malaga then you just head along the N340 (A7)and look for the airport signs. From the west you can use the N340 (A7) but just by Torremolinos pay careful attention as the road now splits so you will need to stay right for Malaga Airport.

Dropping off your rental car

You can also use the Malaga Airport map above to locate the areas at the airport you need to return your car rental to.

Leaving Malaga Airport by Road

Leaving the airport id fairly straight forward if you have collected a hire car. Most of the rentals offer you the option to rent (at an additional cost) a Tom Tom or other Sat Nav device. However if you have a smart phone with you, you can use the Malaga Airport map above to exit the airport and get to your final destination.

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