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Granada Airport

Name: Granada Airport
Airport Code: GRX

Granada Airport or to call it by its full name Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport is located just 17kms from Granada city centre and although it contains the name Jaén it is actually some 106kms from Jaén itself.

Granada Airport is located in a region called La Vega del Genil which is just outside of central Granada. Federico García Lorca was added to the previous Granada Airport as a tribute to the hugely popualr poet, and acts as a way to promote tourism to this area of Andalucia. With this in mind don’t be surprised to see Granada Airport referred to as many different names from Federico Garcia Lorca Granada, Federico García Lorca Airport or indeed just simply Granada Airport.

There are flights to and from Granada to Madrid Barajas and Barcelona Airport. These routes are extremely important to the social-economic development of these two main areas of Andalucia.

Car Hire Granada Airport

Being located outside of the city of Granada and over 100kms away from Jaen, it is usually necessary to hire a car to travel anywhere else. With this in mind the Airport Information Guide has teamed up with Car Trawler, the leading car hire comparison search in order to provide you with the best Granada Airport car hire rates.

Parking at the Airport

Being one of the smaller Spanish airports there is just one main parking area providing spaces for 845 private cars and 196 spaces for the airports hire cars.

Departures Granada

The departure areas at Granada Airport are located on the ground floor of the terminal building and has a capacity for 486 passengers.


The arrivals are also processed on the ground floor of the terminal building distributed between two gates. The arrivals hall has a capacity for 595 passengers.

History of the Airport

The very first flight at Granada airport dates back to 1911 during the Corpus Christi celebrations. Subsequent to this there were a number of air shows before everything was put on hold during the first world war. Not long after the Moroccans had a requirement for a permanent airbase for the continuing conflict in Spain and the land was donated by the town council of Granada. The actual aerodrome at Granada Airport was eventually opened in 1922 and in 1925 it was renamed as Dávila Aerodrome, in memory of Luis Dávila Ponce de León.

In 1929 the airport was opened to civilians travelling between Garanada and Seville but this only lasted for about a year and the airport was subsequently returned to the military. Finally in 1946 Granada Airport was opened to all domestic travel and was an international refuelling stop.

In 1970 a new airport was constructed and it opened two years later in 1972 for national and international flights as well as freight. It wasn’t until Granada was chosen to host the ski world cup in 1995 that the facilities were overhauled and in June 2006 Granada Airport was officially renamed as Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport

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