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Girona Airport Parking

There is ample parking at Girona airport with a total of 3,400 car parking spaces available. For passengers with reduced mobility 46 of the car parking spaces available at the airport are dedicated for disabled drivers.

The parking at the airport is in P1 anbd P4

P1 – This is split up into two buildings P1A and P1B.

P4 and Surface Parking

Thi is where it seems a little confusing as although Girona airport quote 2 parking areas the P4 is split into two different areas (making it 3 locations in my opinion). Anway there are 2,000 spaces in the surface P4 car park. Luckily all car parks are fairly close together so it should all makes sense when you arrive.

Girona Airport Car Parking Tariffs

For the first 30 minutes the rate is €0.014145 per minute (about 42 cents for 30 minutes). Then from 31 minutes to 60 minutes the rate is €0.017682 (one hours parking would therefore work out at about 95 cents).

Anything over 60 minutes is charged at €0.013261 per minute.

The maximum daily parking rate at Girona airport is €8.90 for the first four days and then €7.10 per day thereafter.

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