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Gibraltar Hotels

Whether you are planning a business trip to Gibraltar or a holiday there are a number of hotels from which to choose. The information below will provide a basic description of the main Gibraltar Hotels along with the relevant contact details.

Some of the main hotels in Gibraltar are listed below;

O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel (formerly The Elliot Hotel)

This hotel is owened and operated by the Irish hotel group O’Callaghan who purchased it a few years ago and is located centrally off of Main Street, Gibraltar. It provides easy access to most parts of the rock and has a roof top swimming pool and many facilities for tourists and business clients.

Address and phone number of the O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel Gibraltar

2 Governor’s Parade
Tel: + 350 200 70500
Fax: + 350 200 70243

Caleta Hotel

This hotel is located in an area that is not within walking distance of the Main Street and shopping areas although it is a popular hotel with tourists. It has views out to sea and is in a quiet residential area of Gibraltar.

Address and phone number for the Caleta Hotel Gibraltar

Catalan Bay Hotel

Tel: + 350 200 76501

Queens Hotel Gibraltar

This hotel is located on upper part of the rock past Main Street and close to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens. It is close to the shopping areas and within easy reach of the tourist attractions such as the cable cars.

Address and phone number for the Queens Hotel Gibraltar

1 Boyd Street
Tel: + 350 200 74000
Fax: + 350 200 40030

Rock Hotel Gibraltar

This hotel is again located on the upper section of Gibraltar close to Main Street and is therefore within easy reach of shopping and attractions

Address and phone number for the Rock Hotel Gibraltar

3 Europa Road
Tel: + 350 200 73000
Fax: + 350 200 73513

Bristol Hotel Gibraltar

This hotel is centrally located about half way up Main Street in a road to the right. It is situated in a convenient location for access to shops and attractions.

Address and phone number for the Bristol Hotel Gibraltar

8/10 Cathedral Square
Tel: + 350 200 76800
Fax: + 350 200 77613

Cannon Hotel Gibraltar

This hotel is also located just off of Main Street (about half way up) and provides access to all amenities and shops.

Address and phone number for the Cannon Hotel Gibraltar

9 Cannon Lane
Tel: + 350 200 51711
Fax: + 350 200 51789

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