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Gibraltar Car Hire

If you are staying within Gibraltar there is no real need to hire a car as it is not very big and there are adequate buses and taxis (if you are not staying within the main areas). However, many of the hotels are centrally located so again it would negate the requirement for Gibraltar car hire.

If you do need one or are planning on going across the border to Spain the main car hire company in Gibraltar is Avis.

Avis Car Hire Gibraltar

The Avis car hire at Gibraltar is located within the airport so the pick up will be at Gibraltar North Front Airport within the terminal. Once you have landed you will be directed to the Avis car hire desk to complete the hire.

To pre-book Gibraltar Avis Car Hire please visit where you can reserve online.

Other Car Hire for Gibraltar Airport

There are other car hire companies located just across the border in La Linea, Spain which are useful if you were planning on spending all / some of your time in Spain.

Some of the other popular Gibraltar airport car hire firms used in Spain are;

Auriga – Telephone number for Auriga Crown La Linea is +34 956 761 515

Europcar Car Hire – Again located in La Linea but referred to as Europcar Gibraltar and their phone number is 34 650 453 123

Niza Car Hire -Located in La Linea but often simply referred to as Niza Car Hire Gibraltar and telephone number +34 956 675 047


If you wish to search for all car hire firms located in Gibraltar or those that often serve Gibraltar you could use the Gibraltar Car Hire search below to compare the cheapest rates.

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