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Almeria Airport

Airport: Almeria Airport
Airport Code: LEI

Although not one of the busiest Spanish airports Almeria Airport is widely used for access to the resorts of Almeria. Located about 9kms east of the main site of Almeria it is just half a km from the coast.

Access by road to Almeria Airport is straight forward via the AL-14 road. Look out for the turm off at km-9. Then follow the road in the direction of Nijar. If you are on the main motorway (A7), Almeria airport is clearly signposted.

About the Airport

Like many of the smaller provinces in Spain the airport plays a very important role in the development od the area in terms of trade and tourism. Almeria airport is situated in the bay of Almeria very close to the main city centre. The main growth for the airport came during the 90’s until it handled almost 1 million passengers in 2000.

Parking at Almeria Airport

There is 1 main public car park at the Airport which can accommodate up to 680 vehicles. It is located very close to the main terminal building for easy access.

GPS Sat Nav Co-ordinates of Car Parking at Almeria Airport are;
Latitude: 36° 50′ 50.07″ N
Longitude: 2° 22′ 28.84″ W


The car parking rates at the Aiport are as follows: (please note that these are subject to change and these rates might not be 100% accurate)

0.021025 per minute.
Daily maximum up to four days: 10.95.
Daily maximum from the fifth day: 8.75

The destinations served by Almeria Airport.

Being a smaller airport there is a limited number of flights and destinations served by the airport. Currently you can fly between the following destinations;

Barcelona, Brussel, Gatwick, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla and Zaragoza Airport

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