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Bahrain Airport

Airport Name: Bahrain Airport
Airport Code: BAH
Telephone Number Bahrain Airport: +973 17335777
Information on Disabled Facilities at Bahrain Airport: +973 17321444
Address: Muharraq, Bahrain

Bahrain Airport is an important middle east airport and a major hub for the region as it is located in the northern Gulf near to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The airport is actually located on an island in a place called Muharraq, which is about 7kms from the capital city of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama.

Bahrain Airport is one of the regions busiest with a large number of flights to and from European destinations as well as Asia, Africa, the Far East and of course Australasia. In addition there are a large number of regional flights operating on a regular basis. The national airline of Bahrain is Gulf Air where you can fly in and out of over 40 different countries.

About Bahrain

The country gained its independence back in 1971 and is made up of 5 ‘governates’. Bahrain Airport is the main International airport serving the kingdom. The currency in Bahrain is known as the ‘Bahrain dinar’ which in turn is made up of fils (1000 to 1 dinar).

The airport is busy pretty much all year round and sees surges in traffic, especially during events like the F1.

Bahrain Airport has over one thousand flights per week via 43 different airlines to 47 different destinations (figures from November 2010).

How to Get To Bahrain International Airport by Road

The following map of Bahrain Airport and the surrounding roads will give you an idea of how to get to and from the airport. It is an interactive map so you can click on the directions link to get Sat Nav via your smart phone or tablet.

Facilities at Bahrain Airport

There are lots of things to keep you amused at the airport and there is no shortage of food outlets and shops. Some of them are very familiar names too.

Restaurants and Cafes include:

  • Starbucks – Telephone Number +973 17339537
  • Chilies – Telephone Number +973 17329322
  • Costa Coffe – Telephone Number +973 17321211
  • Dairy Queen – Telephone Number +973 17329292
  • Papa Johns – Telephone Number +973 17339136
  • Jasmis – Telephone Number +973 17321371
  • Caribou – Telephone Number +973 17329331
  • Romanos Macaroni Grill – Telephone Number +973 17321299
  • Habara Irish Pub Int – Telephone Number +973 17329245
  • Habara Skybar – Telephone Number +973 17321568
  • McDonalds – Telephone Number +973 17321320
  • Gloria Jeans Coffees – Telephone Number +973 17329393
  • Magic Corn – Telephone Number +973311025

Taxis Bahrain International Airport

If you need to get a taxi from Bahrain International Airport you can book ahead using any of the official taxi firms listed below.

Speedy Motors on +973 17682999
Bahrain Limo on +973 17266266
Arabian Taxi on +973 17461746

Car Rentals at Bahrain Airport

Like most airports around the world there is always a good choice of car rental firms from which to choose. Along with the familiar names like Avis, Budget and Hertz, there are many local firms that offer great rates as well. You can use the Bahrain Rental Search on this page to view all available vehicles but for information, we have listed the firms that operate from Bahrain Airport below.

  • Hanco Rent-A-Car +973 17321291
  • National Rent-A-Car +973 17321251
  • Avis Bahrain +973 17321239
  • I Drive Rent-A-Car +973 17329399
  • Bahrain Limo +973 17321218
  • Al Kobaisi +973 17321263
  • Elite Car Rental +973 17329299
  • Enterprises Rent-A-Car Bahrain +973 17329333
  • Montreal Rent-A-Car +973 17329383
  • U Drive Rent a Car Bahrain +973 17321208
  • Trans Gulf Car Rental +973 17329303
  • Europcar Hiring W.L.L. +973 17682999
  • Limousina W.L.L. +973 17329386
  • Bin Hindi Transport Company S.P.C- 6th +973 17329338
  • Oscar Rent a Car +973 17321313
  • Gulf Car Hire – No Number Provided
  • Fakhro Transport (Budget) +973 17321268
  • Bahrain Hertz Co WLL +973 17321358

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