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Charles de Gaulle Airport

Airport Name: Paris Charles del Gaulle Airport
Airport Code: CDG
Closest City: Paris

The main international airport in France is called Paris Charles de Gaulle with the airport code CDG. It is actually the sixth busiest airport in the world and a major business hub for europe, being the second busiest airport in europe. During 2009 (the latest figures currently available) Paris-Charles de Gaulle handled nearly 58 million passengers with over half a million aircraft movements.

The airport covers a large geographical area of some 32 km2 and work commenced on the airport back in 1968 when it was originally known as Aéroport de Paris Nord (Paris North Airport) until the name was offically changed in 1974 to Charles de Gaulle Airport after the leader of Free French Forces.

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The airport constuction and terminals

Terminal 1 was built in a circular building with ten floors which is further surrounded by a number of smaller satellite buildings (seven in total), all with 4 gates each.

There are 3 main terminals at the airport which have changed over the years in terms of their structure and purpose.

Extensions to some of the airport terminals was commenced during 2007 onwards such as the completion of a thrid satellite known as S3 which is locted to the east of the main terminals 2E and 2F. It will provide the airport with the facility to cope with more of the larger airliners such as the Airbus 380. This new section of the airport was officially opened to the public back September 2007.

Back in 2006 there was the start of another major project to build a new terminal building (2G) which is located to the east of the new stallite section S3. The construction was finnaly completed during 2008 and was operational by March 2009.

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