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Welcome to the Airport Information Guide flight centre where we will bring you lots of useful information about flights from all the major airports.

Whether you are looking for flights in and out of Europe, the Americas, the Middles East or elsewhere, we will bring you as much information as possible.

Where appropriate we will also provide flight booking resources so help you find flights in the shortest timeframe and of course, at the best prices.

General Flight Information:

Flights are often split into two main categories, scheduled flights and chartered flights.

What is the difference between scheduled flights and chartered flights?

A scheduled flight is a pre-arranged flight that will go between to fixed points and will be at a regular slot / time each day or day of the week.

A chartered flight is the opposite. It is a flight that has been arranged for a specific reason. However the ‘renter’ of the flight might then go on to sell individual seats on that aircraft.

Most longer haul flight will operate different seating classes within the same flight. Anything from business, club and first class for a more luxurious flight to standard, super economy and economy.

Most short haul flight operate a single class system.

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