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Change to Lithium-ion Battery Rules

Some breaking news from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has just been distributed and concerns a major change relating to the transportation of any goods that contain a rechargable lithium-ion battery. This means your most mobiles phones, tablets, laptops and may other suchlike devices. As from 1st April 2016 (not an April fools joke), these devices will no longer be allowed in the hold ...

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Foreign Exchange

One place you will see lots of foreign exchange facilities is at airports across the world. Travellers always need to change their money from on currency to another and most will utilise the services of a foreign exchange shop in the airport itself, usually once they have landed. If you start to look a little deeper it is interesting to note that all of these ‘shops’ located in the airports need to buy and ...

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Useful Airports

We are continually building the guide with information on the world's different aiports. Each section will have information on each airport such as live flight arrivals and departures, photo galleries, layout, flights and terminals information. For example Malaga Airport recently opened a new terminal so we provided a detailed guide on the new layout and services as well as information on Malaga flight arri ...

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