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British Airways

As one of the world’s largest and most successful airlines, British Airways (also often known quite simply as BA) carried over 33 million airline passengers last year (2007 to 2008). Even in the current difficult climate British Airways (BA) continues to thrive and expand into new and exciting destinations.

As the name suggests the main locations for British Airways are in the United Kingdom at London’s busiest airports Gatwick LGW Airport and Heathrow Airport.

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Many of us just see British Airways as a passenger carrying airline but last year (2007 to 2008) BA transported a massive 805,000 tonnes of freight.

As a group British Airways (BA) operated 245 aircraft during the last financial year (to March 2008) which is clearly one of Europe’s largest fleets of aircraft.

To break down the British Airways fleet into specific aircraft BA has in its possession 57 Boeing 747’s (Jumbo Jets), 42 Boeing 777’s, 21 Boeing 767s, 13 Boeing 757s, 69 Airbus A319/320/321s, 33 Boeing 737s and 10 lighter aircraft used for short hops and regional business activities.

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