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Welcome to the Airport Information Guide, your one stop site for advice and news on all the leading world airports. You will find lots of useful information on flight arrivals, flight departures as well as in-depth airport information, parking, flight and lots more.

What are the main airports in the world?

There are thousands of airports all over the world with many countries having multiple international airports. Our aim is to break this information down for you and with a series of airport guides, we will provide you with information to make your journey as smooth as possible.

From the time you set off from home to the time you arrive at your flight destination, we will have tools to help you check flight times, estimate flight arrivals and even pre-book your car rental.

Where possible we will include local taxi numbers, details of the locations of taxi ranks and buses that go to and from the airport.

Flying can be a stressful task so we want to make sure you are armed with as much information as you can be ahead of your flight.

We are constantly adding world airports to the Airport Information Guide so if your departing or destination airport is not yet available, please note that it will be soon.

We have started with some of the main airports around the world such as:

A little further afield we have started to add some information on Middle East Airports like Bahrain Airport.

Please use the menu at the top of the page to navigate your way around this comprehensive world airport guide. Some pages will take you to specific information on main airports and other pages are for information purposes like flight stats, international airport codes and we have even added a blog section to keep you up to date with the very latest airport information from across the globe.

Please note that the information contained within this world airport guide is for information purposes only. While we try and obtain the most up to date and accurate information it should not always be taken as 100% factual or correct and as such, you are advised to double check specific information before you book flights and travel to an airport.

We hope you enjoy browsing this airport guide and wish you a safe and comfortable journey.

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